More on masks on bike trails

July 27, 2020

I live next door to the Georgetown-Lewes Trail, and frequently ride my bike (recumbent trike) from Red Mill Pond to the terminus at the canal. While I’m riding alone on the bike, I go maskless. But if I need to go into a store or into proximity with others, I have my fabric mask with me at all times. I don’t see the problem with wearing a mask when it’s needed. I also don’t see the need to wear a mask when one is outdoors and separated from others by well over six feet. 

Furthermore, I believe the politicization of mask-wearing, a prophylactic measure like something you would do in a hospital, is an absurd feature of our current political climate. The president has now said “Mask wearing is patriotic.” Let’s hope that message filters down to those who see masks as a loss of their freedom. 

Neil Olonoff
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