New voters value experience: Mills, Lagree, Gossett

August 7, 2020

The election for mayor and commissioner of Rehoboth Beach is critical to the future of our city. If we are to emerge from the economic losses of the summer of COVID-19 in a way that helps the businesses and the city itself thrive, if we are to preserve the beauty and character of our city, and if we are to have open and honest government, we must elect leaders who are ready to move us forward on Day One and every day after that.  

We are new voters who have only recently registered to vote in Rehoboth Beach municipal elections but are deeply concerned and involved in the city. We have watched the candidate forums, we have read the endorsements, we have spoken with the candidates, we have paid attention. And to us, the choice is clear. 

We will be voting for Stan Mills for mayor, and Jay Lagree and Patrick Gossett for commissioner. 

Each of them has the experience, the common sense and the wisdom to lead our city for the next three years.  But even more than that, these three candidates have the vision and passion to work hard every day to make our community the best it can be. We love Rehoboth Beach, and it is clear from this campaign that these are the candidates who share our values. We know they will make us proud of voting for them. 

Join us in voting for Stan Mills, Jay Lagree and Patrick Gossett. They are the leaders we need now. 

Bette Carrano 
Liza Trey 
Terry Smith 
Liz Berkman 
James Eskew 
Rick Cronan 
Patrisha Davis
Rehoboth Beach


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