Observations on recent Rehoboth debacle

September 29, 2017

I am writing in support of my neighbor and friend Guy Martin, who wrote to this paper recently after three city commissioners turned down neophyte Mayor Paul Kuhns' candidate for a vacant commissioner seat. They instead offered Susan Gay, who ran in the August municipal election. "Those who offered Ms. Gay were acting legally and appropriately," Mr. Martin emphasized, "on behalf of the people of the city."

I certainly have no beef with the Kuhns candidate, Patricia Coluzzi. She is a friend, and the record would show I always voted for her when she ran previously, and actively supported her in several civic projects. But she didn't run in August. Susan Gay did, and she got 637 votes.

The supporters of the new mayor (some of whom have elevated public discourse in the past by tossing around toilet paper at public meetings) have written to say they are shocked at the result, calling it "shameless." They seem to miss the point we elected a new mayor, not a new oligarch.

Mayor Kuhns, who won an impressive victory, is entitled to rookie mistakes. I am certain everyone wishes him well as he figures out what to do with his 3-3 voting standoff in the commission.

But we hope he is mindful that some still regard him warily, a stalking horse for real estate and development interests, many of whom are outsiders.

Fortunately, he made a strong commitment, while campaigning, and in writing, not to roll back any of the recent zoning and other measures that help preserve the historic, tree-lined, height-limited, neighborhood-based nature which makes Rehoboth Beach such a popular treasure.

Stan Heuisler
Rehoboth Beach


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