Observations on sheltering in place

March 26, 2020

It’s funny how much wine one can drink during a pandemic.  Who knew?  You wake up in the morning and see the wine bottle with an inch or so in the bottom.  

The other day at my sommelier’s (liquor store), I got two bottles of white and one of red, and the guy behind me exclaimed, “I’m following you!”  It’s not as much fun at Weis grocery store where I saw one woman with three packages - each with 12 rolls of toilet paper. I sure wasn’t following her.  On the radio this morning I heard about a way to reduce using toilet paper - use both sides.  

When I was checking out my grocery order, the poor guy behind me was wearing an oxygen mask and coughing.  The girl at the cash register knew him and asked, “How are you, Joe?” “Not so good,” he said, “I just got home from Florida; my doctor told me to go home and go to bed.”  

This was not good news to me as I hustled out of there.  I went home after that, and I’ve stayed there. The bills still come, but I’m washing my hands and sheltering in place.

Peg Fisk


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