Play ball: Baseball, softball get green light to resume

June 9, 2020

Competitive and recreational baseball and softball will be allowed to resume Monday, June 15, with social distancing and other new guidance.

Delaware Division of Small Business, which released the new guidance, said all other rules associated with baseball and softball are assumed to be in place, but subject to the discretion of the individual administrative body.

The new guidance is as follows:

• Home plate umpire will stand behind pitcher’s mound, socially distanced from pitcher, in order to call balls and strikes

• A catcher should be kept at least six feet from the batter. If this is not possible, a catcher should not be used

• No stealing of second base is permitted, so that first baseman can be socially distanced from holding runner on first base. First baseman should be six feet away from runner

• The ball should be rotated out as frequently as it can or should be disinfected between innings

• Equipment such as bats, gloves and catchers gear, among others, should not be shared between players

• Distancing in dugouts and in stands.

• Base coaches should distance from baserunners, players and umpires in field of play

• No community water cooler

• No spitting, chewing gum or sunflower seeds

• Individual teams should use their own set of baseballs or softballs

• Spectators are permitted under the gathering rules in place

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