Porch Protection Systems of Seaford launches website

June 10, 2019

Porch Protection Systems of Seaford recently announced the launch of a website to further expand its nationwide sales and simplify the interactive element of the site for potential customers both nationally and locally.

The PPS system can be ordered online and shipped to all 50 states and Canada. The site provides all the information about this unique porch accessory and allows for back-and-forth communication with PPS personnel to assure perfect measurements and perfect fit.

The site is packed with pictures, videos, TV commercials and interviews with owner/founder Bill Whaley, who invented the system about 10 years ago.

The PPS system consists of clear vinyl roll-up/down curtain sections for screened porches that allow the customer to use the porch year-round and keep it clean, dry and warmer. It also protects the porch and contents from summer storms, wind, rain and pollen. The videos on the new website are a must-see for any home owner with a screened porch or patio.

PPS Marketing Director Suzette Donovan said, "The technologies available for the construction and operation of a website are much different than even a couple of years ago. We're really pleased with the final product, and we think our potential customers will be too. If you have a porch, go to and see this amazing product in action!"

Porch Protection Systems is a product of Penny Enterprises Inc., a Delaware corporation and sister company to Print Shack Inc., also of Seaford. For more information, call 302-629-4430 or go to

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