POW MIA Flag Tour visits Rehoboth Beach

March 15, 2018

A POW MIA Flag Tour made its stop in Delaware, from March 1-3. On Saturday, the POW MIA Flag with its support team made a stop at HMD Sporting Gear in Rehoboth Beach.

The purpose of the POW Flag Tour was to educate the public about American Prisoners of War and those Missing In Action, to carry forward the message, “You are not forgotten.”

To draw national attention and awareness that, since WWII there still are 83,000 missing members of the military who are unaccounted for.

The Delaware tour started at Delaware State Troop #2 in Newark, where the flag was received from Maryland. On Saturday the flag was passed to Pennsylvania. The flag started its tour in Grundy, Va., Sept. 23, 2017. Delaware is the 30th state in the tour.