Pre-apprenticeship trainees earn while they learn

March 5, 2019

Delaware Department of Labor, Division of Employment and Training has developed a new registered pre-apprenticeship program to complement its existing registered apprenticeship programs.

The office will approve the program providers and will post a list of qualified preregistered programs on its website.

Being a part of a preregistered program is ideal for individuals who lack experience or education, but want to build a solid foundation to start a successful career.

As Delaware’s unemployment rate drops, disadvantaged and underrepresented populations will be at a greater risk of being left behind; preregistered opportunities will allow these populations to gain the needed hard and soft skills for successful careers.

Preregistered programs refer to a program or set of strategies designed to prepare individuals to enter and succeed in a registered program. Preregistered programs are designed to create a qualified pipeline of individuals ready to become registered apprentices; expand registered apprentices to include underrepresented participants such as non-traditional gender or race/ethnicity, disadvantaged populations, or low-skilled workers; and recognize credit for related education or training.

“The creation of this program is another step that the Delaware Department of Labor is taking to assist populations that historically have had barriers to gain entry or advancement in the workforce,” said Stacey Laing, director of the Division of Employment and Training. “This also provides another tool for businesses to tailor the workforce to better meet their needs.”

For more information including preregistered policies and procedures, and applications, email or go to

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