Progressive Democrats of Sussex kick off 2024 election efforts

February 17, 2024

The Progressive Democrats of Sussex County hosted 60 activists at the Lewes Public Library Feb. 4 to help kick off the 2024 election campaign. Attendees took time to write postcards urging voters to help elect Democrats to the U.S. Senate Tuesday, Nov. 5. 

Sharon Borton, PDSC co-chair, said, “As one of the first events of the 2024 election cycle, it was an exhilarating event. Folks seemed geared up to engage and take action.”

Prior to the postcard writing effort, participants were joined by David Pepper, political activist and former chair of the Ohio Democratic Party, who energized the group with his honest assessment of what it’s going to take for Democrats to win on every level. He stressed the importance of fielding candidates for local and state races, and cited the number of Republicans who run unopposed for state legislatures. He pointed out that while Democrats win federal elections, the stalemate in Washington has allowed many Republican-gerrymandered state houses to pass laws that violate civil rights and threaten democracy.

Pepper also discussed the importance of key U.S. Senate races like Arizona and Ohio. Getting people to the polls for congressional races also helps candidates down the ticket, he said.

Progressive Democrats of Sussex County is a grassroots organization that encourages concrete, practical action in preference to discussion and debate, advocates for progressive causes within the state and local Democratic Party, and works with national groups to elect members to Congress who support progressive principles. To become a member, email for more information.


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