Project Kudos Bus rolls into Sussex Academy

Positivity initiative launched in area schools
October 11, 2018

For Sussex Academy students, learning kindness is as elementary as mathematics or language arts.

During the last week of September, students wrapped up week-long kindness activities called Start with Hello, based on a Sandy Hook Promise program that teaches teens to be socially inclusive.

On Oct. 1, the Schell Brothers Project Kudos bus rolled onto campus, bringing a new positivity initiative to area schools. Project Kudos started as Schell Brothers’ companywide effort to spread positivity among coworkers by giving one another kudos throughout the day and at company meetings.

Alyssa Titus, director of marketing for Schell Brothers, said company officials decided to take the program from the boardroom to the classroom.

“It’s a great way to create an attitude of gratefulness and happiness in a world with so much negativity,” she said.

Titus asked students to think of someone special to thank and invited them to write messages on kudos stickers to place on the Project Kudos bus.

Sixth-grader Shannon McLaughlin chose to thank her former teachers.

“I wrote my kudos to my teachers at Shields Elementary for setting me up for success at Sussex Academy,” Shannon said.

Sophomores Else Leebel and Madi Burke gave kudos to each other.

“She’s a great friend who gets me through hard times,” Else said. “It’s important to have someone around you to make you laugh.”

“I gave her kudos for being such a good friend,” Madi said.

After plastering the bus with stickers, students received pencils, stickers, notebooks and other goodies. Titus said she is working with Cape Henlopen and Milford Middle schools to reach more students.

“We’ll go anywhere that will have us,” she said.

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