Recess redesign keeps students active, safe

Play zones, mask break areas replace playground equipment
September 28, 2020

Recess looks a little different in Cape district elementary schools this year, but students are enjoying fresh air and outdoor time while creating new games and reviving old classics.

H.O. Brittingham Principal Kyle Bentley said recess was redesigned to increase safety measures and meet district safety expectations for in-person learners.  

“We understand the importance of recess for our students, so we had to think about it a little differently this year,” Bentley said. “We worked with other principals in the district to design play zones and mask break areas for students.”  

Bentley said teachers and staff spent the first couple of days explaining recess safety procedures to students and practicing using three feet of social distancing. Students can wear masks while playing with friends or relax in socially distanced mask break zones, he said.  

Assistant Principal Yvette Davenport said students were quiet and reserved the first day as they tried to figure out what to do without using playground equipment.

“Now, students are creating their own games and bringing back old ones, like red light/green light and shadow tag,” she said. “They are getting fresh air while playing with old friends and making new friends.”

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