Rehoboth marathon goes off without a hitch in the giddy-up

3,000 runners get out and back safe and satisfied
December 5, 2016

Runners across the time zones of talent and training ran the Rehoboth half and full marathons Dec. 3, leaving the “Sun Also Rises” backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean at 7 a.m. Those last to cross the starting line were walking and talking and some were slurping coffee while others texted faraway friends, “I’m off! You can follow me on your GPS as it’s coordinated to mine.”  

Jim Diego started the race in motion with a perfectly pitched tenor voice, singing the national anthem. He was smooth as a slack tide. Diego’s goal was to sing then run a marathon in every state in the country. Rehoboth was his 17th state in a quest to chase down a record no one else is pursuing.  

There were 1,547 finishers for the half marathon. The top five men were Jeff Young in 1:16:07, Chris Garges in 1:20:02, Mike Sewell in 1:21:42, Brian Weitz in 1:22:13 and Brian Welch in 1:22:15.

The five women atop the leaderboard were Melissa Cummings in 1:24:32, Lauren Cancelliere in 1:26:09, Calesse Cardosi in 1:26:52, Erin Corcoran in 1:26:56 and Cindy Conant in 1:31:23.

The full marathon had 876 finishers, with 16 men breaking the magical three-hour standard.

Bobby Longenecker, 27, from Lititz, Pa., was overall winner in 2:38:26. He was followed by Lowell Ladd in 2:39:47, Brett Long in 2:40:30, Matt Roberts in 2:44:19 and Mike Carriglitto in 2:46:24.

The only Delaware man to break three hours was Martin Rodriguez of Sebyville in 2:58:05. Paul Montini, his training partner, finished the course in 3:08:23.

Matt Dunn of Trappe logged a time of 3:03:01, while Lance Skinner of Milford ran 3:03:15.

The top five women in the marathon were Kerry Shanley, 30, from Marshville, Maine, in 3:05:02. Following her on the leaderboard were Kristin Herring in 3:18:23, Shannon Cruz in 3:18:43, Carissa Liebowitz in 3:19:21 and Cassy Crouse in 3:20:37.

The fastest time by a Delaware woman was Susan Dunn of Laurel in 3:37:54. Also from Delaware and breaking four hours were Amanda Seiwell in 3:42, Leeann Seiwell in 3:42, Tacy Powers in 3:50:29, Susan Zeller in 3:51:56 and Meghan Grimm in 3:53:49.

Runner Alisa Drelick finished her 101st marathon at Rehoboth. “Her friends told us about it, so we had a life preserver made for her,” said Mary Beth Evans, race director. “I met someone that had finished 250 marathons, but I don't remember his name. There were a fair amount of people that were well over 100 marathons.”

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