Rehoboth named top LGBT travel destination

September 15, 2016

A new survey has named Rehoboth Beach one of the world’s top travel destinations for gay visitors, ranking just after Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and Tel Aviv.

Data compiled from the gay dating app SCRUFF, which has 10 million members, ranked Rehoboth as the third most “surprisingly gay friendly” travel destination in the world, tied with Saugutuck, Mich. The ranking reflects users opinions of safety and was based on 1,333 responses.

Steve Elkins, co-founder of CAMP Rehoboth, said the rating shows Rehoboth has come a long way toward being a fully integrated community.

“It’s not a ‘them’ or an ‘us’, but a ‘we,’” Elkins said. He said any time a city can show up on an international poll as one of the best, it reflects well on the whole community.

The survey aimed at identifying the dynamics behind the choices of gay travelers, such as why they travel and where they will and will not go. The survey results showed gay men travel more often than the general population, spend more, travel alone and frequently go to new destinations. The top-ranked destination was a tie between Puerto Vallarta and Tel Aviv, Israel.

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