Rehoboth needs to come out of darkness

July 3, 2020

It’s time for a change in the City of Rehoboth. It’s time for the sunlight to shine once again in City Hall. No more backroom Wall Street deals. Its time for a return to ethics, inclusion and transparancy at the mayor’s table.

My memory is not as good as it once was, but I recall, about two-and-a-half years ago, after running on a platform of transparency, Mayor Paul Kuhns launched a push to give corporations and LLCs the right to vote in Rehoboth city elections. He never mentioned this to the voters when he was running for office. He tried to get this passed during the late December holiday period. The surprised voters rallied and it was defeated.

He followed with trying to give away the city’s wastewater treatment plant and the newly constructed outfall piping system to the state. The surprised voters rallied again to defeat this giveaway of city assets. He never mentioned this idea when he ran for office. He followed with an increase in property taxes. He followed with forming a secret group reporting to himself to raise water and sewer rates. A FOIA protest was filed, and he was forced by the state to open these meetings to the public.

The mayor’s handpicked workgroup pushed through changes for substantial rate increases, never listening to a vocal outcry from the voters and the Rehoboth Homeowners Association. There are other examples of lack of inclusion and not consistently following the city and state ethics policy. ACLU challenge of ordinance passed for permits to gather and protest in Rehoboth. A lawsuit for denial to consider a nativity display in the Bandstand…Allowing Clear Space to sidestep building code requirements by splitting their project into two pieces thus avoiding parking and other zoning requirements….The Agave building permit approval that did not meet city building code and a special deal was done to avoid a lawsuit ... Not informing key businesses of putting up the big red barriers and removing parking in front of their businesses ... oh my, I’m getting tired.

It’s time for a change

I’m tired of that same ol’ same.

The same ol’ words the same ol’ lines The same ol tricks and the same ol’ rhymes.

Vote for Stan Mills for mayor. Vote for Gossett and Lagree for commissioner. Rehoboth needs to come out of the darkness.

Paul Carrano
Rehoboth Beach
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