Rehoboth officials can regain credibility

January 19, 2018

It has come to our attention that on Friday, Jan. 26, the mayor and commissioners of Rehoboth Beach will consider the recommendation of the city's planning commission to require correct subdivision zoning for the developers and lawyers of BeachWalk on Route 1.

Currently proposed zoning would create a grotesquely overdeveloped site which neighbors abhor (one wrote recently to this paper to describe it as a "rental ghetto"), and is a plan that various authorities have testified presents a dangerous fire and traffic hazard. It has also been opposed in testimony by prominent state elected officials from our area.

No one denies the right of the owners to develop the site. However, their current proposal, and simplistic legal arguments on its behalf, is an insult to the very nature of our historic community.

The new administration of Mayor Paul Kuhns and his pro-development allies on the council started off shooting themselves in their collective feet with an LLC voting proposal, which overwhelming public protests quickly forced into an embarrassed withdrawal.

The Jan. 26 BeachWalk vote will be a chance for Kuhns and his cronies to regain a bit of credibility. Here is a clear case to signal "anything goes" development mania in Sussex County can be controlled.

Stan and Betsey Heuisler
Rehoboth Beach


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