Removing national anthem would be a travesty

November 7, 2017

Mr. Ed Harner wrote in a recent Letters to the Editor that his solution to the national anthem fiasco at sporting events is to "eliminate playing of the anthem, thus eliminating the controversy over taking a knee." I cannot think of a more blatant example of promoting the tyranny of the minority at the expense of the majority.

What Mr. Harner fails to recognize is that at every NFL game there are at a minimum 50,000 people in the stands who do stand, and are more than glad to hear and/or sing the words to the national anthem. Deny the many to appease the few. The very idea of eliminating the national anthem from sporting events is ludicrous, unthinkable and myopic.

Mr. Harner questions whether the national anthem is relevant at sports events because they aren't patriotic in nature. I beg to differ. They are an integral part of our common national spirit and pride. Imagine the Olympics, the epitome of sporting events. Would he suggest that our athletes stand on the medal presentation platform and listen to other countries' anthems, and be embarrassed by the dead silence when America is recognized?

To let a few malcontents, many of whom don't even know why they are "taking a knee," remove a tradition and demonstration of patriotism from America's sporting events would be a travesty.

Steve Hyle

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