Ronald Lee McReynolds, man of strong faith

December 1, 2021

Ronald Lee McReynolds, 69, of Dover passed away Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021, surrounded by his family at BayHealth Hospital.

Ron was born in Indiana, spent a few years in New York, and lived the majority of his life in Delaware. Ron owned his own business, New Life Energy, and was a general contractor. Ron used those skills to build his own house two separate times, and he customized those homes to fit the needs and preferences of himself and his wife of 43 years, Dianne McReynolds. Ron also worked at Sam's Club in Dover for nearly 30 years.

Ron was a people person; he really liked talking to people and was a good listener. Ron also enjoyed admiring God's creation, birdwatching (specifically cardinals and hummingbirds), and watching sports, especially the Baltimore Ravens, with his immediate family next to him cheering them on.

With the complicated work schedules of his immediate family, Ron got to enjoy daily conversations with his daughter Bethany McReynolds after work, and he looked forward to those many moments. Ron was very proud of Bethany's recent promotion at work, her ability to overcome hardships, her strength of character, her mental maturity, her determination and her willingness to help others.

Ron also got to enjoy frequent conversations with his son Michael McReynolds before work. Ron was also proud of Michael's promotions at work, his knack for learning, their shared interests in politics, religion, sports and financial investments, and Ron enjoyed researching and watching those and other specific topics on YouTube and discussing them with Michael afterward.

Ron enjoyed conversations and time spent with his son Timothy McReynolds on their days off. Timothy often became a much-needed and reliable help around the house; his dad was proud and extremely grateful for Timothy being that blessing. Ron was proud of Timothy in his younger days as a football player, going to every game to watch him play, watching Timothy's math skills in elementary school, and his track and field skills in elementary and high school. Ron was of course proud of Timothy as an adult, from his career choice to his mental strength, moral character and ability to strategize. Timothy introduced Ron to the card game Unstable Unicorns, which quickly became a family favorite and gave even more quality time with Ron, and for that we are eternally thankful.

Ron's true pride in his children, however, is their strong belief in Jesus. Ron knew that no matter what happened, he would be able to see his children for eternity because of their faith. That alone gave Ron peace and comfort that could not be bought.

Maybe above all things Ron cherished doing the most on this earth was reading the Bible every morning in his quiet time with the Lord, and drinking coffee in the afternoons and evenings with the love of his life and best friend, Dianne. Ron enjoyed talking about anything with Dianne; she made him so very happy. Whether they were watching birds, talking or watching TV, Dianne meant the world to Ron. Dianne was Ron's best friend and a rock that he could always lean on and count on. Ron bragged about Dianne often.

Ron will be dearly missed and always remembered. Ron was a man of conviction and faith. He loved Jesus with his entire being, and strived daily to be an excellent husband, father, friend and Christian man. He was a man of moral and spiritual character, a good example in life and someone his children wish to emulate.

Ron was a deacon and a pastor for many years; he enjoyed the ministry, helping people, leading others to Jesus, praying for people's needs or illnesses, and even counseling them. He often prayed for people, friends and strangers alike, and led several of them to Jesus Christ, even during his last few months on earth. Ron was a peacemaker and a humble man who was easy to get along with, and he was an all-around well-liked person.

Ron McReynolds was predeceased by his father James McReynolds, his mother Evelyn McReynolds, his brother Bradley McReynolds, and many friends, all of whom got to joyfully welcome Ron into heaven’s gates, standing alongside our Lord and Savior, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, Ron's ultimate goal.

Ron is survived and loved dearly by his wife Dianne McReynolds; his sons Michael McReynolds and Timothy McReynolds, both of whom had a close and loving bond with their father, and his daughter, Bethany McReynolds whom he adored, as she held a very special place in his heart.

Ron is also survived by his siblings and their spouses, Kent McReynolds (Jan), Steve McReynolds (Judy), and Karen Wagner (Bob); and their children, his nieces and nephews, Lisa, Ryan, Jason, Beth, Eric and Rachel. Ron loved his siblings and family very much, and spoke often of his love, appreciation and prayers for them.

Ron's love and prayers extended past blood relatives into his wife Dianne's family as well; her brother Bruce McNamara and her sister June Moore, their spouses (DeeDee and Byron) and their children (Danielle and Timothy) were all loved by Ron and his family.

Ron loved his friends too; many have passed away and some are still with us. Too many to name, but all were loved. They also were kept in his prayers.

Ron's powerful love for his own children knew no boundaries. It was tangible. He would do anything for them.

Ron would tell you himself, while he loved his children so much it hurt, that his wife Dianne was his better half, his one true love on this earth, and his absolute best friend. Ron said on many occasions that Dianne pushed him to be a better person; she encouraged him, she complimented his strengths and shored up his weaknesses. He loved her with an everlasting love and a passion that is an absolute inspiration to his children. Dianne McReynolds is the ultimate puzzle piece that made Ron feel complete, and he said as much. Ron strongly and deeply loved her, and he still does.

Sad as we are because we miss him so much, we try to be cheerful as well because Ron has now finally received the ultimate reward, a reward which he strived to attain for the majority of his adult life, and that reward is standing before Jesus face to face, and hearing Jesus tell him, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord!"

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking you to support local food pantries, the Food Bank of Delaware or bless your local church.


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