Save Rehoboth from the outsiders

February 21, 2020

Stephanie Smith wrote a recent and thoughtful letter reacting to your editorial on record home demolitions in Rehoboth Beach. She points out that existing regulations intended to deter “mini mansions” and “mini motels” in residentially zoned neighborhoods could restrict the upgrade of houses here for owners seeking to move down full time in retirement. That needs to be examined.

Her letter points up a collision between the prevailing vision of Rehoboth as a city of neighborhoods, or a new Rehoboth as a tourist destination, as promoted by Paul Kuhns and his (mostly) humble minions in the city commission.

The tourism lobby is adrenaline laced, as in your reporting on two recent Chamber of Commerce speeches by local businesspersons.

One suggested any idea of traffic congestion on Route 1 was a fantasy (Hel-looooo?) and another suggested turning Grove Park into an underground parking lot (so much for the farmers market.)

I suggest this is an elemental struggle for Rehoboth’s future. And a wakeup call for longtime homeowners whose taxes, political support, work on city commissions and boards, and neighborhood pride created the Golden Goose others now want to pluck.

Do we want to surrender to outsiders in Sussex County, Dover, and the LLC factories in Wilmington? It would be a shame.

And to our lifestyle’s and family economic detriment.

The upcoming municipal election in August offers a strong chance for Rehoboth insiders to vote to save themselves from the outsiders.

Stan Heuisler
Rehoboth Beach


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