Schell Brothers wins Lewes Dragon Boat Festival

Event benefits Sussex Academy and Lewes Public Library
September 17, 2017

The Schell Brothers Fire Breathers parlayed their top combined times in the first two rounds and semifinals to a win the fifth – and final – Lewes Dragon Boat Festival. The team won with a time of 50.617. Nearly 700 paddlers took part in the Sept. 17 event in Lewes Canalfront Park. Delaware Psychological Service Freudian Ships finished in second with a time of 51.384 and not far behind was Capstone Homes-Capstone Live in 51.551 on the 250-meter course in the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal. The three had the top three times in the 12-team semifinals heading to the three-team shootout for the dragon boat trophy.

The other nine teams making the semifinals included: Pilots’ Association for the Bay and River Delaware Dragon Anchor; Jim and Pat Griffin’s Blazing Paddles; Long Family Foundation Ocean Ridge Rowing Club; NVR and Ryan Homes Build-Oars; Law Offices of Scott and Shuman Draggin’ Booty; Crooked Hammock Crooked Crew; Big Oyster Brewery; Delaware Auto Exchange; and Sussex Academy faculty and staff Strokers of Genius, sponsored by Morris James LLP.

Proceeds from the event benefit Sussex Academy in Georgetown and Lewes Public Library. The title sponsor was Schell Brothers and the team also had top honors in the auction, paying $8,000 to “purchase” their favorite oarswoman, Penny Behling. Chairwoman Krista Griffin said the event should raise about $45,000. Not far behind in the bidding, Draggin’ Booty of the Law Offices of Scott and Shuman paid $7,500 for their oarsman.

Sussex Academy had three teams in the event with a combination of students, staff and parents.

Teams participating in all five festivals include Dogfish Head, Echelon, Ryan Homes, Schell Brothers, Girls with the Dragon Boat Tattoos and the Pilots’ Association.

Griffin thanked her husband, Stuart, and Gina Derrickson of Sussex Academy for their efforts over the five-year run of the event. “We couldn't have pulled off another spectacular event without all of the support we have gotten from the community, our sponsors and volunteers,” she said. “I really do think we saved the best for last as we had glorious weather, hundreds of families taking part in the games and buying lunch and thousands of spectators with huge smiles and sore throats from cheering.”