Sen. Carper visits dialysis patients at Fresenius Kidney Care

September 5, 2019

Sen. Tom Carper visited patients at a Fresenius Kidney Care dialysis center in Milford Aug. 22. He learned about life-sustaining dialysis treatment and met people living with kidney failure. Patients shared their individual stories with Carper, discussing the effects of kidney failure, and its impact on their lives and families.

Carper also spoke with Fresenius Kidney Care team members about the treatment they provide, including the option to administer treatment with home dialysis, and other advancements being made to improve patient care.

“Today I learned about the challenges that patients with kidney disease face and the obstacles they have to overcome on a daily basis,” said Carper. “Though treatments are difficult, it was encouraging to see how hopeful the patients are and to learn more about the innovative, life-sustaining work that Fresenius Kidney Care is doing in this space.”

Fresenius Medical Care North America, the parent company of Fresenius Kidney Care, works to improve health outcomes for patients living with kidney failure and chronic kidney disease well beyond the walls of the dialysis centers. The company uses an integrated care approach to achieve positive, patient-centered outcomes. The visit allowed Carper to see these advancements and outcomes  in action.

“It was a pleasure to host Sen. Carper today and have him interact with patients who are affected by kidney disease to hear their stories and learn more about the care that we provide,” said Andrew Neilio, clinic manager. “Fresenius Kidney Care is a patient-centered facility, and we are excited by the opportunity to share our commitment to enhancing treatment options that put our patients first.”

About one in seven adults in the U.S. has chronic kidney disease, with many not detecting the condition until they have lost more than 96 percent of their kidney function. More than 660,000 Americans live with kidney failure, which requires either a transplant or dialysis to remove waste from the blood, maintain safe levels of potassium and sodium, and control blood pressure.

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