Setting record straight on Skipjack

August 3, 2020

David A. Gordon of Bethany Beach wrote a letter to the editor that appeared July 28 containing questionable assertions needing clarification.

1) The Skipjack wind farm decided against bringing power ashore at Fenwick Island State Park because they did not want to disturb recently discovered wetlands; they need to find another location without environmental concerns.  Maybe they will bring the power to an existing substation of which we in southern Delaware have several.  Stay tuned!

2) Skipjack did not change plans because of a lack of wind power on land.  No.  They are building the wind farm 19 miles offshore because the winds blow strong out there. This has nothing to do with land-based wind. We are fortunate Orsted has investors wanting and willing to build this wind farm; the ailing U.S. economy will benefit from the jobs and money pouring in!

3) The people of Rhode Island love their first-in-the-nation wind farm.  It is quiet, unlike the stinky diesel generators they had before.  It works great and it is saving gobs of money for the folks on Block Island.  Skipjack has nothing to do with the Vineyard wind farm in Massachusetts. Orsted has nothing to do with Vineyard.

4) There are no “design” issues with the Skipjack wind farm. Orsted is the world leader in designing, building and operating offshore wind farms. The distance from shore is a design issue well in hand.

5) Yes, there are several other offshore projects under consideration all along the East Coast, and hooray for all of them.  They will help reduce polluting power and provide us with clean energy that will help to forestall climate change;  a critical issue to those of us in Delaware.  Our land is sinking and the oceans are rising. Sea-level rise and flooding are serious problems now and our new friends from Denmark are part of the solution.  Don’t forget the benefits for recreational fishing.  The pylons become a reef attracting all kinds of fish. We welcome them, fish and friends wanting to invest in our economy.

Dr. Ted Spickler
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