Smart financial strategies offered in Rehoboth Oct. 11

October 5, 2017

A free class on the simple strategies behind financial decisions is being offered to the public Wednesday, Oct. 11,  from 1 to 2 p.m., at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library. This course will help with the most common financial mistakes people make, determine what those mistakes cost over time and discover easy methods to fix those mistakes. Practical tools to enhance financial well-being and put an end to giving away hard-earned money will be given. They will discuss how simple tools can make a huge difference for the financial future and create an overall plan to become financially free. Upon completion of this class, attendees will understand the concepts necessary to thrive in the future.

The sponsor, Delaware Money School, provides experienced and well-qualified instructor Diane Heydt to the public. Having written, spoken and taught on the subject for many years, she breaks down what appears to be a complex subject to simple, understandable layman's terms. This class focuses on steps the lay person can take to make sure they are not making these common mistakes so they can save money and plan to be financially free. Everyone should be aware of these mistakes and be able to consult with their financial advisor on a plan for their future to correct them. 

This class teaches how to make better financial decisions when it comes to money.

The Money School is the signature program of the nonprofit Delaware Financial Literacy Institute. Participants can enroll in this program, earning a certificate that demonstrates a commitment to financial education. To register, go to or call 610-657-1708. 

Walk-ins are welcome!