SPI Pharma rail cars to leave Lewes

Stranded in 2016 when canal swing bridge deemed unsafe
November 1, 2017

Three rail cars that have been stuck at SPI Pharma for more than a year have been lifted off the railroad tracks and onto trailers to be trucked out of Lewes. 

The rail cars have been on SPI Pharma’s property since a 100-year-old swing bridge over the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal was deemed unsafe in September 2016. Delaware Coast Line Railroad had transported materials to SPI Pharma a few times each month, and the company was the only destination on the beach side of the swing bridge. 

In July, Department of Transportation officials determined the $3 million estimate to repair the bridge was too expensive, and the railroad will be decommissioned from Lewes to Cool Spring. 

SPI Pharma has been trucking materials to the plant since the bridge was closed.