State bond bill largest ever

Carney signs $863 million for capital projects
July 2, 2019

Gov. John Carney put his signature on an $863 million capital budget July 1, providing money in 2020 for school construction, open space, transportation and drinking-water infrastructure.

Carney said his office and members of the General Assembly worked together on the largest infrastructure package in Delaware history.

“We are investing in the future of our state – improving schools for all Delaware children, fixing roads and bridges in every Delaware community, and responsibly managing taxpayer dollars so we’re prepared to keep investing where it matters most,” he said. “But we have plenty of work ahead to make sure that all Delaware families have an opportunity to participate in Delaware’s success. That’s why we’re investing in high-needs schools, in clean drinking water, affordable housing, open space, and rural broadband infrastructure – to give more Delaware families a real shot to succeed in the Delaware of the future.”

The $863 million bond bill includes about $438 million for state agency projects; $230 million for general obligation bonds which are used for school construction projects; and $425 million for the Transportation Trust Fund, which is part of a six-year, $3.2 billion plan to fix roads and bridges statewide through 2025. Open space and farmland preservation each got $10 million.

About $33 million will go to University of Delaware, Delaware State University and Delaware Technical Community College for building improvements and maintenance. DTCC gets $10 million after a bill was signed in May guaranteeing the school $10 million a year for the next five years. Earlier in 2019, DTCC officials said college facilities were in need of $100 million in repairs after years of deferred maintenance.

For the state's clean-water initiative, $25 million was put aside for drinking water, clean water and conservation.

Also July 1, Carney signed a $55.1 million grant-in-aid bill that supports volunteer fire companies and nonprofit service providers statewide.