Support marijuana legalization bills

February 3, 2023

Last week, I gave testimony on HB 1 and HB 2 to the committees of Delaware’s House of Representatives. I believe that Delaware should legalize and create a market for cannabis by passing these bills. 

One of the most important reasons cannabis should be legal is the fact that prohibition is only harming our communities. Research shows that these are mostly communities of color. People are being locked up over having a small amount of a nontoxic plant on them. By passing HB 1 to legalize cannabis, we can stop these unnecessary arrests and direct law enforcement to real crimes. 

Having safe access to cannabis would provide alternatives to prescribed opioids for pain management. For seven years, after a car accident, I was prescribed multiple controlled substances. When I medically retired from teaching in 2016, I was able to take a more natural choice and switch to cannabis. When HB 2 is passed, it will provide a regulated market for adults 21 and over to go to. 

Cannabis is not harmful, unlike alcohol. Research shows that not one person has died from an overdose of cannabis, unlike alcohol or some prescription medications. Cannabis has not killed anyone, and adults should have the right to use it as they choose. 

Similar bills were brought forth to Gov. Carney last year and he vetoed them. I urge all readers to contact their legislators and Gov. Carney to support cannabis legalization. 

Lizzie Golob


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