Tai chi and qigong classes on the beach

Institute holds free weekly training on the beach in Rehoboth
August 4, 2018

Silver Lotus Training Institute holds free tai chi and qigong on the sand every Saturday in Rehoboth Beach, as waves break onto the shore. 

Instructor Susan Hamadock, who founded Silver Lotus Training in 1993, said, “Everyone is always welcome to attend regardless of medical or physical condition. There is nothing more important to us than being able to welcome such a diverse community.” 

Silver Lotus Training Institute offers various classes in the area and welcomes people of all ages and abilities to tai chi and qigong classes at 7:30 a.m. every Saturday, in front of the Henlopen Hotel, at the north end of the Boardwalk. During the 45- to 60-minute experience, Hamadock and teacher Silvia Ritchie alternate leading the class. Qigong is the preferred choice on the beach, Hamadock said, because tai chi requires a more even surface.

“Ever since I started learning and eventually teaching tai chi and qigong, I have felt the benefits that these ancient arts have had on my body, from balance improvements to increased flexibility and strength,” Ritchie said. 

“It is truly a blessing to be able to work with such amazing people that truly enjoy working together to see the value of tai chi and qigong,” she said.

“All of our teachers love what they do, and we see so many people truly adopting these new techniques into their everyday lifestyle because of their benefits,” Hamadock said. “We have brought so many different people together, and that is so important to strengthening our community. It is a great feeling to see our participants spread the word about the classes, and embrace trying something new.” 

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