There’s not much hope for young people in Sussex

October 5, 2017

I read with amusement the article on how to keep young people in Sussex in the area. The issue as I and my wife have found it here is the general lack of full-time jobs.

I am an information technologies professional with years of experience. My wife is in insurance administration. No we are not retired. Between us we have had one interview in three-and-a-half years in the Rehoboth Beach and 25-mile radius area.

I talk to locals, and they need two to three jobs to survive and pay for benefits.

One of the biggest (healthcare) hires many PRN (as needed) to avoid initially paying benefits. They stretch that out as long as possible. Another large for-profit company asks you, "Help keep busy recruiters sane, no phone calls pretty please."

A cutsie way of saying we'll call you; don't ever bother me. And yet they (like most places I have found) don't have the common courtesy to send you an email/letter telling you they have filled whatever position you apply for.

It gets tiresome trying to find a position with companies that really could not care less about people applying.

You think your young people want to stay in this area to have to work two to three jobs and still have no benefits? I don't blame any of them for leaving.
I am sure your kids don't want a job thrown at them. I know I don't. But the opportunity to interview would be nice.

I have had to resign myself on giving up the idea of moving to the area permanently and looking for a better business climate such as coastal Carolinas.

As long as you mentally remain a recreational destination and a senior citizen destination you will lose your kids to opportunities in other areas. Not everybody wants to be a real estate agent or work in a bar or the outlets for minimum wage.

It's been nice.

Jeff Walls
Rehoboth Beach


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