Tidewater granted easement for new facility

October 23, 2020

Milton Town Council unanimously granted approval to Tidewater Utilities for an easement and right-of-way dedication at the site of Tidewater’s new wastewater treatment plant on Sam Lucas Road.

The easement and right-of-way dedication were necessary for Tidewater to meet Delaware Department of Transportation requirements for the driveway to the facility.

The new Tidewater treatment plant will be built on a 5-acre parcel given to the company by the town. The town shares an adjacent 5-acre parcel. 

Chris Derbyshire of engineering firm GMB said the entrance to the property off Sam Lucas Road would be shared between the town and Tidewater. Because Sam Lucas Road is a state-owned road, DelDOT is requiring a 30-foot right of way and a 15-foot easement. 

Milton Project Coordinator Tom Quass said anytime a person is requesting access to a state road, plans have to meet DelDOT standards. Tidewater has already received preliminary approval from Milton’s Planning and Zoning Commission for the new plant. Quass said the town property may be used in the future for a new public works facility. 


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