Troop 95 camps and bikes at Cape Henlopen State Park

January 7, 2021

During Troop 95’s November camping weekend, 12 scouts and four leaders enjoyed biking in Cape Henlopen State Park.

The original activity scheduled for that weekend was hiking trails at both World’s End State Park and Rickett’s Glenn. Plans changed due to transportation issues, so the leaders decided to camp closer to home.

Early Saturday morning, certain scouts made their patrol’s breakfast and other scouts prepared for the day. After breakfast was over and cleanup was complete, the scouts started biking on the Gordons Pond Trail.

While a group picture was being taken, a distinguished-looking man with silver hair rode past the scouts. The leaders said it was President-elect Joe Biden, along with his Secret Service staff and his wife Jill Biden. The trail took the scouts into Rehoboth. One of the scouts had bike trouble, so while a couple of leaders helped with the repair, scouts and other leaders headed to the beach to enjoy the sand and water. Everyone continued down the Boardwalk and through Rehoboth to the circle, then back to camp for a total ride of about 15 miles.

In the afternoon, the group biked through the Fort Miles area, past the beach and nature center to the fishing pier, past the campground and back to camp, for a total of about five more miles biked.

Sunday morning before leaving the park, the troop packed up and participated in a morning church service. All agreed it was a great weekend with beautiful weather, delicious food and the opportunity to share the same bike trail as President-elect Joe Biden.

For more information about Scout Troop 95, contact Louise Rathfon, committee chair, at or 302-381-3026.

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