Tunnell Cancer Center receives donation from The Body Shop

January 22, 2019

Beebe Medical Foundation has received a generous gift of support from The Body Shop via its annual Thanksgiving Day Beach Boot Camp. This year, the event raised $840 with additional support from a spin class. The gift was presented to Beebe’s Tunnell Cancer Center.

“Once again, it is a great testimony of strong support when our local businesses chose our local Beebe Healthcare Tunnell Cancer Center to be the beneficiary of their annual fundraising. More than ever, Beebe needs increased support as we build a second cancer center in our south coastal region,” said Tom Protack, Beebe Medical Foundation vice president of development.

Adam Howard, owner of The Body Shop, said, “I have so many connections to Beebe, and this fundraiser is a way for me to give back. The Body Shop fitness center is devoted to our clients and committed to our community.”

Coach Bruce Clayton of The Body Shop and TriCoach said, "We are proud to make this an annual event, and each year we are attracting more participants who want to help support Tunnell Cancer Center while having a lot of fun in the process!”