Unprecedented growth strains doctors and vets

April 12, 2022

A few, short observations.

First off, it is spring and therefore nesting season. Why are developers allowed to clear-cut forests in the springtime in Long Neck, Lewes, etc.? What happened to green Sussex County? Oh, I know, the green is the green of the almighty dollar.

Secondly, one of our cats has a nasty ear infection, but even our regular vet can't see us for over a week. It’s the same with another former vet I checked with. Why? All the new homes here in the county means more and more pets. The unprecedented growth is not only an infrastructure problem with roads and utilities, but also a problem of not enough doctors and veterinarians.

Lastly, a family member had a doctor appointment in Lewes, and we are in the Millsboro area. That means a long, traffic-heavy drive to the other side of Route 1. When they arrived, they were told that their appointment "slipped through the cracks" and they would have to come back another day. Well, if we miss a doctor appointment there is a fee of $25 to $50. I would love to send them a bill because they missed it on their end!

Frank Rega
Long Neck
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