Update: Bees think Striper Bites is sweet

Beekeepers relocate the hive
May 15, 2019

How sweet it is. Striper Bites owner Matt DiSabatino said a beekeeper from Delaware Beekeepers Association responded May 15 to a swarm of honeybees at his downtown Lewes restaurant. The beekeeper caught the queen, placed her in a portable hive, and over the next few hours was able to reunite the majority of the other bees.  

“Our customers at the time were great,” said DiSabatino. “We even had a couple with a dog wait it out as long as possible so they could eat on the patio. Our clientele is awesome.”

The swarm created a buzz at the restaurant, located at 107 E. Savannah Road, at approximately 4 p.m. Mark Case called from inside the restaurant where he and his wife, Susan, were enjoying a late afternoon bite and a glass of wine. “It was crazy,” he said. “We heard a buzzing noise and saw all these flying insects appear and swarm around. Then we realized they’re honey bees.” Case said it appears no one can go inside or leave the restaurant for fear of being stung. He said restaurant staff are working to control the situation.

Garrett Voss, a manager at Striper Bites, said he was happy the restaurant was able to provide alternate access for guests. “A large swarm of bees have formed a ball just outside the front door,” he said. “We have a number of people already seated inside the restaurant,” said Voss. “Fortunately we do have another access point for people to get inside and not have to worry about the bees.”

Videos courtesy of Mark and Susan Case:





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