UPDATE: Sussex COVID-19 cases now total 23

Delaware tops 100 cases, as coronavirus spreads in all three counties
March 24, 2020

Sussex County cases of COVID-19 reached 23 on March 24, while statewide cases now number 104, including 71 in New Castle County and 10 in Kent, according to the Division of Public Health.

On March 22, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital admitted its first patient due to COVID-19, said Sharon Harrington, director of strategic communications. This is their only patient admitted for COVID at this time, she said.

Of the reported positives, 51 of the cases are male and 53 are female. The individuals range in age from 1 to 90. Eleven individuals are currently hospitalized; five are critically ill. The source of exposure for many of these positive cases is unknown, which indicates community spread of the virus is occurring in the state. 

To protect personal health information, DPH will not disclose additional information about the individuals. DPH cannot confirm specific information even if other entities choose to make their own announcements. 

 "We know this is a startling increase for Delawareans to see," said Department of Health and Social Services Secretary Dr. Kara Odom Walker, a practicing family physician. " It is an indication of spread that we expected to see, but it is also reflective of the state’s increased testing capacity which is leading to more results – both positive and negative.  It also shows us why we need Delawareans to stay home and stay safe. We all must end unnecessary contact with others, practice stringent social distancing, go out for essential groceries or prescriptions only as needed, and go to work only if we are in an essential business. We will get through this, but we must do it together." 


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