Urge Sussex councilmen to vote no on Right to Work

November 9, 2017

Sussex County, Delaware is known as a place where hard working people have lived, toiled, and eventually prospered since the first immigrants from Europe set foot on this soil in 1637. I find it saddening that now we are seeing an effort to make that dream more difficult for our working families in 2017, and into the future. Why would the men who we hired to represent us on our Sussex County Council want to force this outside agenda on our good workers?

I ask myself, "What events or concerns does this measure address?" I come up empty. I can only think that these men who decide to vote for this would put political calculations ahead of good governing. The so-called Right to Work ordinance appears to be no more than a means to line the pockets of outside interests on the backs of dependable Sussex County men and women.

I heard some admit in testimony for the proposed ordinance last week, that this is a "Republican" issue! But, this is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It is an issue that will damage our economy, separate us from the rest of our region, and hurt the hard working Republican, Democrat and Independent workers... the women and men who make our county a great place to live, and for others to visit. I urge you to add your voice. Tell your council member to say no on this proposed ordinance.

Sam Deetz

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