Virtual Walk for Autism to run through April

March 26, 2020

Due to the global spread of the coronavirus, this year’s Walk for Autism will become the become the Virtual Walk for Autism.

As Autism Delaware’s biggest community gathering and celebration each year, the Walk for Autism is like a family reunion. It helps raise funds to support services all over the state.

Organizers do not want to miss out on celebrating loved ones affected by autism or the generosity of the community. They hope all will consider joining in to make the Virtual Walk for Autism a huge success and continue the support of vital services.

Instead of coming together Sunday, April 4, in Cape Henlopen State Park to walk together as a community, in the Virtual Walk for Autism, teams or individuals will walk on their own, in their communities, around their neighborhoods, in their homes or wherever they can. People can walk for miles, blocks, up and down stairs or in place ... walk organizers don’t care how they do it. They can be creative and have fun, but also be safe. Walkers will make videos and take pictures of their walk, post them on social media, and send them to Autism Delaware, which will create one big video of the Virtual Walk for Autism to be shared at the end of April.

To see how many different places this walk can go, teams with family and friends in other cities are encouraged to expand the Virtual Walk for Autism across the country.

Anyone who already has signed up for the Walk for Autism is signed up for the Virtual Walk for Autism. To sign up now, go to

Walk shirts will be available for each person registered for the Walk For Autism. Shirts will be available to be picked up at the Autism Delaware offices Monday, April 6 to Friday, May 8. To minimize the number of people coming through the offices, team captains are encouraged to pick up shirts for all members.

A few evening pickup times will be posted for those who cannot pick up during normal business hours. For more information, email

Participants are asked to continue to use their fundraising envelopes to raise as much money as they can. Fundraising envelopes may also be dropped off at the Autism Delaware offices April 6-May 8, and team captains are encouraged to handle as many as possible. A few evening times will be posted.

Online fundraising will continue through the month of June. Teams are encouraged to grow in size and increase their fundraising efforts. The Virtual Walk for Autism could be the most successful fundraising walk ever.

Organizers understand many may not be able participate in the Virtual Walk for Autism, and they express thanks for the support those people have already given and the funds they have already raised. All are urged to return for the 2021 Walk for Autism.

Many people signed up as volunteers, vendors and exhibitors this year, and organizers thank them for their willingness to support this mission. They are invited to sign up for the Virtual Walk for Autism, join the effort to raise awareness and resources for autism, and help spread the news in their areas. 

For more information, go to


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