What will be legacy of the former Milton mayor?

April 5, 2022

This letter was sent to outgoing Milton Mayor Ted Kanakos prior to the March 23 council meeting. At the meeting, council unanimously upheld the planning and zoning commission’s denial to grant preliminary site-plan approval to Verizon to erect a 140-foot cell tower on town-owned land on Front Street.

Mr. Mayor, soon you will be leaving your position after serving six years with many positive accomplishments and some disappointments. I would imagine you are thinking about your legacy and how you will want to be remembered. Along with many others, I have been following the cell tower issue. Mr. Mayor, what will be your legacy regarding the cell tower issue?

The people of Milton have spoken, and we want you to decide to vote against the present proposal regarding the location of the cell tower. Will Milton residents be able to say you did the right thing after you leave your post as mayor? You’ll always be remembered for your vote on this issue. Please give this topic serious thought. 

At the meeting March 23, four council members voted to deny the appeal regarding the cell tower placement. Town council said that planning and zoning followed an orderly and logical process. While that may be so, they did not address several factors such as the impact on the neighborhood when traffic is detoured due to flooding. They also did not question the fact that a communication system should not be placed in a flood zone. 

Kudos to Barry Goodinson and Allen Benson for all their very hard work. 

One remaining thought. I wonder, Mr. Mayor, what your vote would have been if the cell tower was in your backyard. Your legacy is failing to listen to the citizens of Milton. 

Mary Ann Stewart


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