Wind energy a no brainer

December 17, 2021

Given the great challenges before us, let’s work hard together to confront them and respond.

For example, over 2000 of the world’s leading climatologists agree that the evidence for climate change is overwhelming, it is the best information we have, it is the truth, and it is past time to respond. Wind energy off our coast makes every sense, as jobs will grow, fish populations will prosper, will be barely noticeable at 20 miles off, and the turbines will generate pollution-free energy while being signs of hope.

Although development is rampant, we must be strategic; certain lands (e.g. buffers, critical wildlife habitats, those important to groundwater recharge) should be bought (e.g. by the City of Lewes, by Sussex County) to be preserved in perpetuity, and thoughtful developers should be supported. In our zeal to restrain development, let’s remember the George Baileys of the world.

Developers of Fisher’s Cove are community-minded, and rather than using community resources to fight them, let’s sit down with them to design what suits both their and community needs; undoubtedly, there’s common ground.

With the democratic spirit of the honorable Bob Dole in mind, we must listen to each other and work together, each one of us, to thoughtfully care for our communities, human and otherwise; our children’s future deserves nothing less.

Peter Kleppinger McLean, Ph.D.
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