Youth sports organizations invited to apply for 2022 grants

January 21, 2022

While everyone continues to work through the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, people understand the urgent need for kids to get back onto playing fields and courts in local communities.

The Jason Anderson Foundation for Youth Sports remains committed to that effort and is now accepting applications for its 2022 grants. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded almost $45,000 in grants and scholarships to various local sports organizations and families. Delaware youth sports groups and interested parties can download the applications at

“In the past six years, we have provided support to numerous local sports organizations and hundreds of local kids in each of the three counties in Delaware,” said Mark Rossi, Jason Anderson Foundation board chair. “Our goal is to expand our services by partnering with local teams, sports facilities, and school districts, and we look forward to receiving applications from youth sports organizations seeking financial support and player scholarships for kids in need.”

Since 2016, the Jason Anderson Foundation has provided groups and families with grants and scholarships ranging from $200 to $3,000 to assist those in need who want to participate in a youth sports activity. Anyone who is a coach, team manager, sports facility administrator, school counselor or parent and knows of a local sports team or child in need of financial assistance can contact the foundation. The board of directors will consider all applications based on need, and make grant and scholarship awards accordingly. There is no time more urgent than now to get  kids back on to the playing fields, into the gyms, into the pools or onto the courts to grow those valuable life lessons of teamwork, leadership and friendship.


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