Here’s Why Escape Rooms are a Must-Do this October! | Year 7 at Screams

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October 19, 2017

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22518 Lewes-Georgetown Hwy
Georgetown  Delaware  19947
United States

(GEORGETOWN) When the local haunted theme park Screams at the Beach added Escape Rooms for 2017, it was obvious the new attractions would be a success. But just how popular are they?

“There were so many victims going through the Escape Rooms on Friday and Saturday that we still had people there at closing time,” Screams producer Brian Turner reported. “The response is huge.”

Why are Escape Rooms such a draw in recent years? Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush of getting locked into a small space, or perhaps the challenge of solving puzzles on a time limit. But the full immersion factor is likely the biggest reason for the popularity of Escape Rooms. Not only are groups of adventure-seekers forced to work as a team to escape–they also must do so in a highly realistic environment. From custom-built sets to specially-made props, the Escape Rooms at Screams have created a highly believable setting for participants. And according to Screams staff within the Escape Rooms, the reaction from victims has been overwhelmingly positive as they engage with their surroundings to beat the clock. “Everyone participating gets really into it. It’s been positive feedback from just about every group going through.”

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Two distinctive Escape Rooms are available for Year Seven at Screams: Serial K2 and Dissection. The former (Serial Killer Kitchen) contains clues in unlikely places that send shudders down the spine. The latter (Dissection, which is set in an underground industrial work site) will prompt levels of teamwork and thrills that groups are sure to gush about after the weekend is over. And with every batch of victims will come new clues, tricks and shocks for a truly memorable experience. Horror junkies up and down Delmarva will not want to miss this one-of-a-kind experience in Georgetown, DE.

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The bottom line? Fans of Screams can expect the same attention to detail and authenticity with the 2017 Escape Rooms as the top-rated attractions of years past: the results being a night of terror not easily forgotten.

The Escape Rooms are part of 9 Featured Attractions at the critically-acclaimed horror venue Screams at the Beach. Recent awards include the #1 Scariest Haunt in Delaware for 2017 & #2 Scariest Haunt Nationwide. ( Screams is open every Friday and Saturday in October and is located at 22518 Lewes-Georgetown Hwy in Georgetown, DE. Ticket Booth opens 6:30pm nightly. LEARN MORE ABOUT SCREAMS >>