League of Women Voters of Sussex County offers Land Use Forum Nov. 1

October 28, 2017

In preparing for the final draft of Sussex County's 2018 Comprehensive Plan, the League of Women Voters of Sussex County will hold its 16th public forum, "2018 Comprehensive Plan: Renewable Energy: Benefits and Opportunities for Sussex County" Wednesday, Nov. 1, from 7 to 9 p.m., in County Council Chambers, No. 2 The Circle, Georgetown.

The speakers will explore the variety of renewable energy technologies available today, what's coming in the future, and how Sussex County's elected officials could pave the way for residents to be less dependent on carbon-based energy sources in the future. The purpose of this forum is to educate the public and encourage all Sussex residents to become involved in the final drafting of the 2018 Comprehensive Plan. This plan will outline and define how the county will operate moving forward in the next 45 years.

Dale Davis, president, CMI Solar and Electric, will discuss how small business may benefit from supportive county and state policies, and how renewable power is trending in Delaware and across the U.S.

Jennifer Clemons, chair, Del Tech Renewable Energy Programs, will speak about Del Tech education programs that prepare students for higher-paying jobs to support the renewable energy technology existing now and being developed for the future.

Bonnie Ram, senior researcher, Center for Carbon-free Power Integration at the University of Delaware, will discuss wind energy efficiency programs for county farms, potential for offshore wind energy, and the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling installations.

Following the presentations, attendees will be able to ask questions during the 45-minute Q&A session.

Throughout the forum, the importance of the public's role in drafting Sussex County's 2018 Comp Plan will be stressed. Participants in the past 15 workshops stated that they wanted communities which are sustainable and livable, where people can thrive and the quality of life can be improved for all.

At these forums, Sussex residents learn how their vision can be incorporated into the county's 2018 Comprehensive Plan. The goal is to draft a plan which will outline enhanced economic vitality; coordinated development of housing for all income levels; protection of natural resources and open space; adequate storm- and wastewater management; and efficient transportation systems. Go to for information and to view these speakers' presentations after the forum as well as presentations from prior forums.

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