Entity voting a good thing for Rehoboth property owners

November 10, 2017

I was delighted to see the issue of entity voting on the agenda at the Oct. 30 meeting of the mayor and commissioners in Rehoboth.

There has been a lot of misinformation about entity voting leading people to believe that the city is going to allow businesses and corporations to vote, and not just once but 10 or 20 times! Or that an LLC will be able to assign 20 people to it, and they will all be able to vote. This is all untrue.

The intention of the proposal is simple: Mr. and Mrs. or Mr. and Mr., for example, who own property jointly (or by the entirety), decide to rent and their lawyer advises them to put their property in an LLC so they can’t be sued personally by a litigious tenant for everything they own. As a result, they lose their voting rights. Rehoboth is trying to correct that - it’s a good thing.

Nobody is going to be allowed to vote 10 times. Corporations aren’t voting. Only individuals with 50 percent or more membership/ownership in 100 percent of an LLC would each get a vote (which basically equals a maximum of two votes per LLC - the same two votes they would get if they had their property titled jointly).

It’s fair. It makes sense that my husband and I and others like us shouldn’t have to choose between voting and protecting our home and everything we have worked for.

Please let Mayor Kuhns and your commissioners know that you also think this is fair.

Lori Bloxom
Rehoboth Beach

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