Letter: Down the rabbit hole in Rehoboth Beach

March 15, 2019

Walter Brittingham’s timely observation to “Wake Up!” (letter March 8) was taken directly from Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter’s tea party and deserves the Lewis Carroll Literary Award for creative insight.  Brittingham’s little-too-accurate description of recent Rehoboth Beach commissioners’ meetings and workshops, seen here as a modern-day tea party, describes absence of communication, confusion and elusive information on agenda items that include a large sum ($720,602) committed for three public facility upgrades apparently announced without prior posting; obscure agenda information seems the order of the day since the new city administration has taken over.

These characteristics were previously on display in the hearing for the removal of a historic specimen tree as well as the public hearing on the wastewater treatment plant.

Brittingham expressed concern at meeting time wasted and the muted commissioners with the exception of Mr. Mills.  His description is a warning to residents to pay heed to the current nonsense, that all is not well at the city tea party, and as Mr. Brittingham warns, residents should keep a close eye on what is happening by watching announced meetings through livestreaming or online, and note who among our commissioners is ready to show some backbone.

John Neal
Rehoboth Beach


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