Cape, Kent Island scrimmage under one bright light

March 18, 2019

Two good boys’ lacrosse teams from opposite sides of the Eastern Shore scrimmaged March 14 at Legends Stadium under one big light, the setting sun.

The scoreboard read 0-0 over four periods. An analysis of the scrimmage was bound to be half right.

Kent Island owned the first half, but the second half which was dominated by Cape. Impossible to know what most of it means, because good programs don’t set out to win scrimmages. They strive to evaluate and improve the squad.

“We played well to start the game, won some tough ground balls and turned them into goals,” said Cape Head Coach Mark’s D Ambrogi. ”In the second quarter we got away from that and tried to do too much, making the tough pass. We made some turnovers and gave up a run to Kent Island. We came out in the second half and we took better care of the ball. We shot well and made the simple pass.”

“We got better in the clearing game, and all the long sticks had opportunities under pressure and improved during the game,” he added.

A simultaneous junior varsity scrimmage took place at Champions Stadium.



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