Vic East brings out talented skimboarders

June 6, 2019

The 2019 Vic East skimboarding contest was held June 1-2 at the South Side beach at the Indian River Inlet. Nationally ranked pros, semi-pros and local amateurs took to the waves with shuvit, big spin, front side and backside tricks to impress the judges and to win cash and prizes.

The Pro division was won by local favorite Sam McCoy. Placing second was Will Ashmore. Max Wheeler took third, with Chester Burnett taking fourth. The Semi-pro division was won by Ethan Redefer of Dewey Beach, who also took first in the Men’s 15-17 age group. Coming in second in the Semi-pro and Men’s 15-17 was Jack Lee of Rehoboth, while third in Semi-pro was Aidan Stevenson and fourth was Eoin Lally. Taking third in the Men’s was LB Harrington of Milton and fourth was Eoin Lally.

Ross Hester took first in the Men’s 18-21 division, while Shane Lally took second. Sam DiEmidio took first in the 12-14 group, with Eric Shickells taking second, Joshua Wright third and Tristin Barnes fourth. Brett Mahon took the Men’s 30-39 group, with Victor Enriquez taking second. Mark Mills took first in the 40-and-up, with Michael Sobilo, Wally Seim and Daniel Lally going two, three and four.

Keegan Barnes took first in the 8-and-under group, with Owen Simpson taking second. Copper Forcucci took first place in the 9-11 age group, with Thomas McKean placing second, Liam Barnes third and Killian Davis fourth.

Amber Torrealba took first in the Women’s Pro division, with Ellen Wood placing second.

Eve Redefer won the girls’ 11-and-under division, with Bella Wheeler in second.

Emily Redefer won the girls’ 12-14 group, with Lily Little runner up.

Sydney Pizza was the women’s 15-and-over winner.

This was the return to the East Coast for the Victoria contest that has been taking place in California for more than 40 years. Tex Haines, owner of Victoria Skimboards, was at the event and spoke to the entrants. Victoria has already committed to return next year. 

Prizes were donated by local businesses Big Chill Beach Club, Victoria Skimboards, Atlantic Oceanside, Project Kudos, The Starboard, Quiet Storm Surf Shop Rehoboth, East of Maui Surf Shop, Woody's Dewey Beach and Pike Creek Mortgage Services Inc.

“The prizes were great and the waves were awesome,” said organizer Justin Redefer.

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