34-Luke Podcast: Ancestral Earth Skill Teacher, 3x Naked & Afraid Contestant, Holistic Survival School Founder, Apex Predator with Anything Pointy, Low Post Hooper

September 14, 2021

Luke shares stories about his favorite Naked and Afraid challenge which was the 21 days alone in South Africa (9:55), letting his thinking mind go and trusting generations of survivor spirit that is with-in him to hunt (19:20), coping with being alone for 21 days (39:50), partner drama on a 40 day challenge in Columbia where the groups survival supplies get thrown into a river (51:43), being stalked by a leopard in Namibia (Skelton Coast) during his 1st 21 day challenge (1:04:31), naked and afraid becoming naked and aroused (1:18:56), his sports past and competitive nature (1:31:04), "Best 1st For Last" 1st time tripping with the guys in a cabin on mushrooms (1:51:52). 

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