58-Kris Podcast: Professor, Paranormal Explorer, Christian, Doctor, Historian, Pices, Turtle Tattoo Haver,

September 15, 2021

Kris shares stories about validating paranormal claims with their first investigation at West Virginia Penitentiary and theories as to why spirits remain earth bound including them being stuck, comfortable, and wanting to tell a story (3:26), why spirits can’t chat,  the use of a Spirit Box at Ma Barker’s house, spirit’s energy being limited for communication, her grand daddy speaking to her in a dream, and her family’s reaction to her starting a paranormal investigative business (44:18), dealing with demonic or heavy spirits in places like Transalaganie Lunatic Asylum and the Exchange Hotel, (1:36:47) “Best 1st For Last” (2:16:18) 1st Investigation into the Ma Barker Home which was the site of the 1935 shoot out between the FBI and the Barker Karpis Gang

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