32-Spencer Podcast: Yogi, Canadian, Ayahuasca Tea Sipper, Mental Health Advocate, Realist, Spontaneous Adventurer

September 17, 2021

Spencer starts by sharing how Yoga is more than stretching with a shallow skimming of the 8 limbs (7:00), then shares about his journey to becoming a yogi (49:50), started by dealing with his video game playing passions and over drinking (1:08:10), then gets into the life realizations that come from conversation with a spiritual channeler and taking magic mushrooms (1:12:10), his trip to Peru for a Shaman led Ayahuasca tea journey into his mind and reality (1:34:40), going to Costa Rica for a Yogi Teacher Training where he dealt with the memory of his father passing on Christmas Day (1:59:35), and his "Best 1st for Last" 1st time Mountain Climbing in Iceland without Preparation (2:17:10)

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