Don’t turn Sussex into New Castle County

January 28, 2022

I have to say I've been fortunate enough to own two homes, one in New Castle county and the other in Sussex County. In the last five years, I've got to spend more time in Sussex and hope to retire there someday.

My letter is to forewarn on how one-party would be. Look at New Castle County. It’s been Democratic run for the last 70 years. I've lived there for 30 years. Over those years, I've seen taxes rise to three times as Sussex County and the public schools are in poor shape academically and fiscally! They've opened up too many charter schools and the choice program is a joke. No one does anything for the city of Wilmington. You can't even enjoy anything in the city. But Sussex County was a bright place to be. Everything seems clean and well managed and the schools are beautiful. I've coached basketball in many of them over the years and my players would ask, “Why doesn't our gym look like this?” Try to tell an inner city kid the reason why. The school I coached for was a mile from Biden’s home, and the floor was so bad some coaches didn't want to play on it! But it has recently been fixed. 

So when my house in Sussex is going to be reassessed, I have to laugh. My house in Rehoboth is worth more than the one in Hockessin. But my taxes are three times higher in New Castle. Why? Democratic-run county! Money misspent. Many rules and regulations. I see letters about Sens. Coons and Carper. They both had kids that were lucky to go to charter schools, and I haven't seen either look to help the schools and the city. They’re more worried about making D.C. a state? I wasn't a fan of Trump, but I don't think anyone truly vetted Biden! There was a reason he didn't get elected twice before.

So I hope that it doesn't go to a one-party rule because New Castle County is what Sussex County would look like in a few short years. We need balance, but the country is too far divided and seems like getting even more divided. So I'm sure my response will get scrutiny from the Lower Delaware Democratic fact checkers association. But look to the north and see if this is what you would want. So for the next election. Vetting the candidate is a must! I think most people voted against Trump because of his personality and everyone should have realized that Biden was too old, and who would follow if he couldn't finish his term? So, Sussex County, don't change too much. I have a few years before I retire. 

Steve Regester 
Hockessin/Rehoboth Beach
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