Andrew Williams governs for all of Lewes

April 15, 2022

It is an honor and it is with unwavering conviction that I write to support the candidacy of Andrew Williams for mayor of Lewes.

I have known the Williams family, as they were neighbors of ours in Lewes since before Andrew was born. He comes from an outstanding family with the upmost desire for the best for the community of Lewes. I am very fond of Andrew and his family.

One can be fond of a person, but when it comes to governing, another perspective is applied. Andrew meets the governing perspective with exemplary reviews. I have regularly attended council and committee meetings over the years, both in person and virtually. I observed Andrew to be insightful, thoughtful, caring, articulate and he makes decisions based on the best for all of the Lewes community. He pays close attention to all items, asks helpful questions, which show that he understands both the obvious and the subtle ramifications, and displays thoughtful commentary. Andrew has been an exemplary member of council. I also observed Andrew when, as deputy mayor, he recently led the council meetings while our current mayor was out on medical leave. He ran the meetings with skill; the meetings ran very efficiently and pleasantly.

It is important to note that all who are eligible to vote must register in order to be able to vote in the election. That registration process ends Friday, April 29, at 4:30 p.m. So if you are a full-time resident and eligible to vote, be sure to register. The election will be held Saturday, May 14, with absentee ballots being due the same day.

I highly recommend that you show your desire for the best for all of Lewes by voting for Andrew Williams for mayor of the City of Lewes. Thank you, Andrew, for your service and for offering to serve as our mayor.

Bobbie Fortner Burtch


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