Lewes needs Becker’s experience

April 29, 2022

In January, two members of the Lewes City Council brought forward an ordinance to allow restaurants in downtown Lewes to play amplified music seven days a week from noon until 10 p.m.; an ordinance more lenient than the noise regulations currently in place in Dewey Beach or Rehoboth! We are not Rehoboth or Dewey; we do not want to be party towns like them. There had been no public hearing, no opportunity for public comment; I was appalled when I heard this.  

At the meeting, members realized it was a bad idea to go forward and the proposal was tabled to allow time for input from the citizens. Public comments flowed in loud and clear – they did not want amplified music in Lewes. At the April council meeting, the proposal was defeated, but a new version will most likely emerge in the fall.

I am a long-term resident and live in downtown Lewes. I have no designated parking, but I’m OK with that. I support Lewes’ businesses and restaurants by shopping and dining locally all the time. Please don’t assume I am not interested in the well-being of Lewes’ businesses because I don’t want a noise ordinance that would allow loud music playing across the street from St. Peter’s Church while a funeral a is taking place.

I expect well-formed, well-thought-out proposals to come before city council. I expect to have opportunity for public input on issues that affect my well-being and my property values before a vote is called. The presenters in January either misjudged or were badly misguided regarding the impact of their proposal on the residents of my neighborhood. Because of this misjudgment, I want to tell these new members sponsoring this proposal, they have a gross misunderstanding of the values of Lewes and the people who live here. We have core values that have been traditionally observed; they have served us well in preserving and nurturing our village of Lewes.

I live here in a historic property. I live with the memories of individuals who lived and worked here before me. Please, new members of council, take this into consideration when you propose actions to enhance downtown Lewes. 

So, long story short, city council is made up of four members and the mayor. The total years of the service of the four new members is six years. Mayor Ted Becker has more than 40 years of experience living and working in Lewes; he served on the city council since 2004; served as deputy mayor prior to becoming mayor. I tremble to think of him not being mayor of Lewes as we face the challenges of the next three years and our destiny being determined by good and well-meaning people who simply have yet to gain the requisite experience in Lewes governance. I supported some of these individuals; I want to help them become good councilpersons. That is why I am taking the time to write this letter. Please consider this advice from an engaged citizen.

Come on, guys and gals on council ... learn from this experience! 

Join me in voting for experience, mature judgment and proven leadership! Vote to re-elect Mayor Ted Becker, an experienced mayor who has always worked to preserve our values and our way of life.

Patricia Kirby Gibler


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